Maximilian Ehlers

Fullstack Developer, Entrepreneur, Curiousity driven

Who am I?

Programming Expert

Over the past 7+ years I have continously expanded my programming and operations toolset to build scalable and maintainable software. My current tools of choice are:

  • JavaScript
  • Rust
  • Linux
  • Ethereum

code review


Currently residing in London and helping companies both small and big, I have resided in 6 countries by now and plan to expand this. Next up: Taiwan.

image/svg+xml connected world


Together everything is possible. Experience across cultures, both colocated and remote helps me to get productive in a new team quickly.



Sometimes our toolsets are the best, sometimes they might slow us down. Continuously improving and routinely questioning established workflows are part of what makes me efficient. I am trying to apply this to all workflows I encounter, providing fresh perspectives and energy.


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