life coded

a blog by Maximilian Ehlers


Technologist and global Citizen.

As you can see from some blog posts I spent a lot of time to master programming.
It is a skill that helps me to turn ideas into real projects.
Nevertheless I am constantly trying to broaden my skillset to gain more perspectives and build bridges between disciplines. I am not trying to become a Master of None, rather to leverage the knowledge of people way smarter than me on other topics and helping them with mine to come up with new and exciting solutions.

Sharing knowledge and improving conditions for all humans is a goal in my life.

I believe in Open Source for groundlaying technologies, and also understand the necessity for other approaches when it comes to concrete implementations.

From my perspective the biggest challenges we face today are accessibility of both technology and its results, in order to create both a fairer and smarter society.

If you are working on a great project that you think Id be interesting in joining feel free to reach out.