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Privacy Policy


The Webserver is writing log data with IP-Adresses of the visitors.
This is only done to find errors in case of an emergency.
Otherwise the data will not be analyzed.


I have decided to use fathom to analyze some anonymous usage data for my website. This is done so that I can get a better overview of the users that are seeing my content. By doing this I can learn how to write better and more relevant content.
The data is stored on a server of mine.

By agreeing to the cookie and analytics popup, there will be cookies and data in the local storage set in your browser.
The local storage stores the information whether or not tracking is allowed anf if the pop up should be closed.
Then a cookie will be set by fathom for the actual tracking.

Stop the tracking

If you want to stop tracking, just click on the Privacy Popup button in the navigation to reopen it. Then click on Disagree to stop the tracking.
All previously set data in local storage and the fathom cookie will be deleted.

Using the comments function

If you decide to use the commenting functions some data will be stored.
Here is a small rundown of all the data collected. This is taken from which is writing the Commento software that provides the functionality.

Authenticating as a visitor of a website embedding the service: When you choose to authenticate yourself as a visitor on a website embedding the service, a unique, randomly generated token ("Session") will be stored as a cookie in your browser in order to remember you on future visits. Upon successfully authenticating yourself with a OAuth provider, all the information returned by the provider is stored and associated with your Session. This may include, but is not limited to, your full name, your email address, your photo, and an URL to your public profile. By authenticating yourself as a Vistor on a website embedding the service, you consent to allow the service to display all information except your email address publicly on all comments you create. This information will never be sold to advertisers, marketing agencies, or any other organization for user tracking or any other purpose.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact me at max at ehlers dot berlin